Pembacaan Progresif Terhadap Fikih Keluarga (Kritik terhadap KHI dan RUU HTPA)


  • Mochamad Sodik Fakultas Syari’ah dan Hukum UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta


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Pembacaan Progresif, Konservatisme, Fikih Keluarga, Kesetaraan dan Keadilan


The formulation of several paragraphs in Compilation of Fikih  (Kompilasi Hukum Islam/KHI) and Preliminary Ac t of Implemented  Law  of  Religious  Court  (RUU  HTPA)  remain sustaining  the  subordination  concept  of  women  in  family.  The increase  of  wider  access  for  women  in  education  and  public participation  has  promotes  awareness  on  accomplishing woman's rights and children protection. This tendency requires progressive  reading  over  conservative  rationale  that  endured within  fikih  of Indonesian family.  Conservative rationale is root deeply  in  fikih  normativity  rampart  constructed  by  moslem theologian since 3rd century of  Hijriyah.  They likely to forbid the review  of  fikih  teaching  which  had  legitimized  as  final.  Fikih  is judge as conceptually definite. Moslems only requires to follow and  implement  the  concept.  Any  critical  review  will  be  treated under suspicion, and frequently judge as ?apostate?.  Progressive reading offers  ijtihadi  (serious thought) relevant to era dynamic, while  remain  stand  on  al-Qur‘an.  The  reading  over  fikih  of family  is  directed  to  gain  gender  equality  and  justice  and protection  over  children‘s  rights,  both  boy  and  girls.  The theoretical implication is constructing new paradigm that adapts contemporer human studies in reading humanize  fikih.  Whereas the practice implication is providing ethical-normative manual in implementing fikih that respects on dignity and honor each of all God creature.




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