Politik Islam, Demokrasi, “Kepekaan Gender”, dan Feminisme


  • Subaidi Qamar UIN Sunan Kalijaga



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politik Islam, demokrasi, gender, feminisme


Democratic system was estableshed in the Athena,
without there is not equality of righs by womens. She is the
second class and have not Franchise. But the Modern
democratics system in American government was practically on
equelity of righs, freedom of consience,freedom of
opinion,freedom of expression, and economic freedom. And a
realistic, democratic and responseble government was
estableshed by the prophet of Islam. As many as fourteen
century before this time. Equelity of righs, independence of
opinion and freedom expreesion, werw all cultivated with a
view to developping a sound nation caracter, it is nore wothey
that this way succes fully achieved and carnet out in practice in
the teeth on two adverse factors. One of them was the fact of
the prophet receiving revelition for guidance of the people. He
could very well play the roll of shepherd, driving the sheep in
the direction liked; but the case, he could not become a nation
builden nor a democrat.


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